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Lincoln Memorial Vandalized by Thugs


I teared up as I heard the news about the Lincoln memorial being vandalized. I have watched with a heavy heart as cities around the country have fallen under attack by lunatics who claim to protest in the name of freedom but grossly betray that by rioting in hate.

**Memorials and statues are being destroyed and ripped down because of their ties to our Confederate history. I do not agree with slavery. Of course it was horrible. However, ripping down our historical monuments won’t change that in the slightest! Not to mention, not everything in the south revolved around slavery. It’s sickening to see the damage the BLM and Antifa are doing.

I was in D.C. a few months ago to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and it was nothing shy of amazing. I had a night to visit some of the monuments in the breathtaking city and I was nearly in tears at the overwhelmed sense of beauty I saw and the pride I felt for my country.

Today I am overwhelmed again, but this time with sadness and anger. What good comes from vandalizing the Lincoln Memorial, for one? 

For two, do these idiots not know that Lincoln literally worked to free the slaves? 

This just goes to show, they aren’t protesting and rioting because their feelings are hurt. Nope, they are doing it to see if anyone is going to try to stop them.

NBC Washington reports:

The words “F— law” were found written in red spray paint early Tuesday on a pillar at the monument that overlooks the Capitol building and National Mall, NPS said Tuesday afternoon. The graffiti was found about 4:30 a.m.

“It’s frustrating, not only for the Park Service but certainly for the visitors that come here, that anyone would vandalize any of our iconic memorials. Especially the Lincoln Memorial. Especially with everything that’s going on now — the calls for unity and people to come together,” NPS spokesman Mike Litterst said.  “To go to the site of the memorial to Abraham Lincoln and do that, that’s disappointing,” he continued.

Crews are working to remove the vandalization, which they expect to take about a week to do so. 

People took to Twitter to express their feelings on the incident:

💥 Lincoln Memorial vandalized with red spray paint. No memorial is safe now from & the Left. 

After 100+ years of efforts to record our nation's history via memorials of one sort or another, now we are going to be 'required' to remove them all and erase the history of our nation because some well paid lazy won't get a real job marshmellow heads on drugs are stupid enough to deface them? Like that is going to erase our nation's history?  These idiots should be considered criminals and be punished to the fullest extent allowed by law. There will never be any sort of peaceful compromise with these traitors - never.  They will kill steal and destroy to have their way, and the only way to deal with such idiotic trash is to destroy them.

** The TRUE history of this nation has been rewritten and distorted to report false information in order to destroy this nation from within. If you want to learn the TRUTH concerning the REAL reasons for the civil war, that war between the north and the south, do your diligent research. You may possibly still be able to come up with some documentation and books - even in bookstores selling old books and museums carrying old books - that will provide the TRUTH.  The civil war had little to nothing to do with slavery as the north had as many blacks and whites working the fields, etc as did the south, the east and the west.  What goes unreported is that the black slave masters of both Africa and white of  Ireland sold their own as slaves for money to the States and to other nations.  Most of these 'slaves' voluntarily served their 'masters'  in the north or the south in the civil war.  Many were released so they could be set free to serve whatever side their conscience dictated, and to return home to their families. Slavery as the sole cause of the civil war was an outright lie, one propagated even today for the simple reason of initiating racial riots and division within this nation.  The war was about EXCESSIVE TAXATION OVER CROPS PRODUCED and was initiated by the 'north' against the 'south' as the south rebelled against the excessive taxation. Most likely you will today have some trouble finding that because the true history has been so deleted and rewritten as to pose a 'history' to serve the purposes of the take down of our nation via racial strife. But of course, just like today, there are those 'elitists' who know full well how to stir up trouble, how to cause division, how to destroy a nation from within - all for their purposes. And so it is happening once again today in our nation and, as before, the ignorant and uninformed fall for this historical ploy hook, line and sinker over and over again.  It is far easier to blame 'whites' for one's poverty than to admit one is lazy and would rather live off others than to work to provide a living for oneself.  When people hear the lies enough times, they will believe them -  in particular because most are too darn lazy to check it out for themselves and then to set the record straight.  Do your research.  Following is a suggested list for the beginner ...............
  1. Tax History Project -- The Civil War 
    The Civil War represented a watershed moment in the history of American taxation. The quick, limited engagement both sides confidently predicted soon proved ...
  2. The First Income Tax | Civil War Trust Greenback. National Museum of American History. The first Federal income tax was levied to help pay for the Union war effort. In the summer of 1861, Salmon P.
  3. Abraham Lincoln said war was over taxes, not slavery | 
    Jun 26, 2015 ... Abraham Lincoln repeatedly stated his war was caused by taxes only, and not by slavery, at all. ..... You don't think the Civil War was fought over slavery? ..... (http:// ...
  4. The Causes of the Civil WarCivil War Saga 
    Jul 6, 2011 ... Unfair Taxation and State's Rights ... a year later, according to the book Revolts, Protests, Demonstrations and Rebellions in American History:.
  5. For the last time, the American Civil War was not about states' rights ... - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight
    Apr 8, 2015 ... In this way, the historiography of the Civil War is somewhat unique. ... asserts secession inspired by high taxes, in the form of heavy tariffs.
  6. Lincoln imposes first federal income tax - Aug 05, 1861 - HISTORY ... 
    On this day in 1861, Lincoln imposes the first federal income tax by signing the ... the Civil War, Lincoln and Congress agreed to impose a 3 percent tax on annual ... In the earliest days of the automobile, navigating America's roads was a ...
  7. Civil War beginnings: Slaves, taxes, secession | New York Post 
    Apr 18, 2011 ... Civil War beginnings: Slaves, taxes, secession ... was exactly what made Lincoln truly annoyed to the point of escalating force on Americans.
  8. Protective Tariffs: The Primary Cause of the Civil War 
    Jun 23, 2013 ... Protective Tariffs: The Primary Cause of the Civil War ... By 1828, foreign manufactured goods faced high import taxes. Foreign raw materials, however, were free of tariffs. ... Many Americans do not understand this fact. 
As with any issue, you will find many sources debunking views as both want to have their views heard and received as fact. That is where your research and intellect comes in to make your decision for you. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

EPIC VIDEO: Ted Nugent and Sheriff Mack identify the greatest crime in ...

A new threat could be looming on the horizon


Ben Baker
August 14 2017

As Arizona struggles with the death spiral of Obamacare, a new threat could be looming on the horizon.

According to Breitbart, public health officials in Navajo and Coconino counties have discovered something bone-chilling. Fleas in both counties were discovered to be carriers of the Bubonic plague.

The Bubonic plague, according to the WHO website, is a very deadly disease with a 30-60% mortality rate if it goes untreated. The Bubonic plague was known as the “Black Death” in medieval times and caused 50 million deaths in Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

Health officials discovered the plague when they were examining fleas in the Red Lake area in Coconino county last week. Fleas bearing the plague were also found outside the town of Taylor in Navajo county on Friday.

This isn’t the first time the Bubonic plague has been found in Arizona, according to International Business Times. In 2015 health officials learned of the plague’s existence after a drop in the prairie dog population, a rodent known to carry the disease.

That same year a young teen in Colorado died from the plague, according to CBS News. Though the disease is easily treatable with antibiotics, its rarity and resemblance to the flu early on caused it to remain undiscovered, and resulted in the teen’s death when it wasn’t properly treated. With such a high mortality rate, contracting and failing to treat the plague typically results in death.

An outbreak of the plague in Arizona would be further complicated by the declining state of health care, according to Arizona Capital Times. Premiums on Obamacare plans have skyrocketed, with some plans seeing a 116 percent increase this year.

The primary reason for Obamacare’s failure is the unwillingness of healthy individuals to pay for something they don’t need and can barely afford. These individuals are the primary source of funding for the millions of sick and disabled Americans relying on Obamacare’s subsidies.


The Coming Total Eclipse and God's Calendar


This program is extremely interesting.  Everyone needs to know what is going on with God's time clock according to Biblical dates, solar eclipses, rainbows and such throughout time and how they fit in now.

1.  For instance Aug 21, 1917, was the last solar eclipse that was seen from the west coast to the east coast.  It was during WW1.  Monday is Aug 21, 2017.  Don't know if anything will happen, but it is time to pray.
2.  Since 9-11, 2001, the UN has named a day around Sept. where they called it different things.  This year it falls on Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 21.  They are calling it peace and safety.  
1 Thes. 5:2,3 says For you know accurately that the Day of the Lord is coming as a thief at night. 3. When unbelievers would say, "Peace and safety,", then sudden destruction is standing near just as travail would be in the  womb, and they would not escape.

This program is really packed with very informative information you may very well want to know.
God's Calendar
Part 1
God's Calendar
Part 2 



By Olivia Miltner
AccuWeather staff writer 

As the Aug. 21 solar eclipse nears, communities within the path of totality are preparing for masses of people traveling in search of the optimal viewing experience.

The expected influx has placed an unprecedented task in front of cities and towns that are unaccustomed to large tourist populations. Places like Hopkinsville, Kentucky, are working to transform their communities to prepare for the event.

“This is unlike anything this community has ever seen or will probably ever see again,” Hopkinsville Solar Eclipse Marketing and Events Consultant Brooke Jung said. “We’ve got people coming from 42 different states and 18 different countries.”

Hopkinsville, which has dubbed itself “Eclipseville” because of its close proximity to the point of greatest eclipse, will experience totality for 2 minutes and 40 seconds, about the longest in the U.S.

The city has a population of 32,000, while Christian County, where Hopkinsville is located, has a population of 70,000. During eclipse weekend, the county is expecting to host about 100,000 guests, Jung said.
New solar eclipse totality

In preparation, Hopkinsville is bringing in additional cell phone towers and canceling same-day surgery at the local hospital on the day of the eclipse to create an additional emergency room, Jung said.

They’re placing officers and tow trucks around the county to reduce traffic congestion, and they are bringing in additional health department officials to help permit food truck vendors. They created a utility committee to make sure lights don’t turn on in designated viewing areas during the eclipse.

“This isn’t something that we bid on, this isn’t something that we planned and it’s not something that there was a handbook for, so we’re kind of making it up as we go,” Jung said.

Other communities are taking similar steps. In Casper, Wyoming, volunteers went door-to-door in “business blitzes” where they distributed information about the eclipse to every business in Casper, Anna Wilcox, executive director of the Wyoming Eclipse Festival, said.

Festival organizers hosted round-table discussions to disseminate information and help businesses share useful ideas, like reminding hotels to stock up on toilet paper.

“We’ve worked to really make sure that businesses and residents are not only aware that this is happening and all these people are coming but they’re prepared for it as well,” Wilcox said.

Local businesses are also implementing their own preparations. Hopkinsville’s Casey Jones Distillery has organized a weekend of entertainment, and it will be serving eclipse-themed cocktails made with Total Eclipse Moonshine, Casey Jones co-owner Peg Hays said.

She and her husband AJ are concerned about challenges that come with lots of people; they expect to host around 1,000 visitors over the weekend and a couple thousand on the Monday of the eclipse.

“I’ve been praying a lot,” Hays said. “It’ll be a bit of a challenge, but everybody’s in tune that we do need to be aware. Now, we don’t want that to mar anybody’s great time, and the only real requirement that we have if you come to Casey Jones Distillery is that you keep your sense of humor.”
Distillery Photo
Inside the Casey Jones Distillery in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

The Hays’ are installing a security system and bringing in extra sources of electricity for food vendors, but they are concerned about how limited bandwidth could impact their ability to accept debit and credit card transactions.

“It’ll be a challenge if everybody just has plastic, so I would suggest highly [that people] bring cash and checks,” Hays said, also noting that local law enforcement told her to be vigilant of scam artists.

Jung said visitors should get gas and go to an ATM before they reach their destinations. She also recommended people bring bottled water, snacks and sunscreen for the trip.

“You will be in the car for a longer period of time probably than you anticipate because there are going to be 100,000 other people coming along with you,” Jung said.

In Wyoming where it’s dry and in the peak of fire season, Wilcox said campfires will be banned. People should be aware that leaving a car on the side of the road or throwing a cigarette butt out a window could start a fire, Wilcox added.

She also said people could need to adjust to Casper’s high elevation and should keep an eye out for altitude sickness symptoms. 

Places like Casper and Hopkinsville may not have chosen to be in the path of totality, but they are still looking forward to showing off their communities and experiencing a total eclipse.

"There’s no reason why we can’t all have fun doing it together,” Hays said. “The big thing here for that when that moment of totality comes, that we can all experience it together.”

Solar eclipse
          promo gif
Click on the banner above to visit AccuWeather's center for the Great American Eclipse.


A Word to the united States

Submitted for publication by a concerned American Patriot ....

A Word to the united States by the Lord God


Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.  Daniel

"I tell you oh land that once was the land of the brave and the free.  I tell you that you have entered into a new time frame. There is no turning back now for surely my arm is being lifted from you. 

You are torn on all sides. You are sick to the core. You are like a ship tossed upon the ocean.  Your turmoil has reached a pinnacle in my sight. 

You worry about the imminent threat from North Korea, but I tell you that that is just a diversion, for the real threat will come when two nations will combine forces. You are not even aware of the next move.

Surely, a mad man would boast of his threats, but he is weak compared to the other two. On every street corner, there are the signs of imminent blood shed, and yet justice is far from you. 

You say that you care for the widow and the fatherless, but your leaders are more concerned about their own wealth. You are being hurled into a time frame where there is no turning back. The gap that separates many of you will widen more and more, and you will not even recognize some who you once thought were your brothers and sisters.

You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting."

Stephen Hanson
Aug 15 2017 

Think about this...............  
- WHY have the people not been PAID IN GOLD BACKED CURRENCY for the exchange of currencies?  
- WHY have those who HAVE 'exchanged' been issued 'SKR's and NOT gold backed currency?  
- WHY are the Chinese dictating things that have to be paid FIRST BEFORE the RV will be released?  
- WHY are the trouble makers for this nation, including the Soros organization - among many others,  Obama and friends and his 'army' - their minions and cohorts  - NOT arrested, tried and executed for TREASON against this nation?
- WHY are there hot spots all across this nation popping up yet no one is arrested and no apparent effort is expended to put a stop to it?  

Trump 'seriously considering' a pardon for ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio

EXCLUSIVE: President Trump may soon issue a pardon for Joe Arpaio, the colorful former Arizona sheriff who was found guilty two weeks ago of criminal contempt for defying a state judge’s order to stop traffic patrols targeting suspected undocumented immigrants. In his final years as Maricopa County sheriff, Arpaio had emerged as a leading opponent of illegal immigration.
“I am seriously considering a pardon for Sheriff Arpaio,” the president said Sunday, during a conversation with Fox News at his club in Bedminster, N.J. “He has done a lot in the fight against illegal immigration. He’s a great American patriot and I hate to see what has happened to him.”
Trump said the pardon could happen in the next few days, should he decide to do so.

Arpaio, 85, was convicted by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton of misdemeanor contempt of court for willfully disregarding an Arizona judge’s order in 2011 to stop the anti-immigrant traffic patrols. Arpaio had maintained the law enforcement patrols for 17 months thereafter.

The man who built a controversial national reputation as “America’s toughest sheriff” admitted he prolonged his patrols, but insisted he did not intend to break the law because one of his former attorneys did not explain to him the full measure of restrictions contained in the court order.

He is expected to be sentenced on Oct. 5 and could face up to six months in jail. However, since he is 85 years old and has no prior convictions, some attorneys doubt he will receive any jail time.
'Is there anyone in local law enforcement who has done more to crack down on illegal immigration than Sheriff Joe?'
- President Trump
Citing his long service as “an outstanding sheriff,” the president said Arpaio is admired by many Arizona citizens who respected his tough-on-crime approach.
Arpaio’s widely publicized tactics included forcing inmates to wear pink underwear and housing them in desert tent camps where temperatures often climbed well past 100 degrees Fahrenheit. He also controversially brought back chain gains, including a voluntary chain gang for women prisoners.

Civil liberties and prisoner advocates as well as supporters of immigrants’ rights have criticized Arpaio for years, culminating in his prosecution. He lost his bid for reelection last year.

“Is there anyone in local law enforcement who has done more to crack down on illegal immigration than Sheriff Joe?” asked Trump. “He has protected people from crimes and saved lives. He doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.”

Stopping the flow of undocumented immigrants across the southern U.S. border was a central theme of the president’s campaign. Arpaio endorsed Trump in January 2016.   

Trump indicated he may move quickly should he decide to issue a presidential pardon. “I might do it right away, maybe early this week. I am seriously thinking about it.”

Trump could decide to await the outcome of an appeal by Arpaio’s lawyers who contend their client’s case should have been decided by a jury, not a judge.

In a statement after the verdict, his attorneys stated, “The judge’s verdict is contrary to what every single witness testified in the case. Arpaio believes that a jury would have found in his favor, and that it will.”

Reached Monday for reaction to the possible pardon, Arpaio expressed surprise that Trump was aware of his legal predicament.

“I am happy he understands the case,” he told Fox News. “I would accept the pardon because I am 100 percent not guilty.”

The former sheriff said he will continue to be a strong supporter of the president regardless of whether he receives a pardon. But he also voiced concern that a pardon might cause problems for Trump, saying, “I would never ask him for a pardon, especially if it causes heat. I don’t want to do anything that would hurt the president.”

Trump has not granted any pardons so far in his presidency.

I was an undercover security officer at Walt Disney World.... I found their darkest secret. (full story)

Good morning, I am writing this on my phone so please have patience with any grammatical or formatting errors. This post got removed originally and I messaged the mods, they said they have no idea how it happened, but I've been finding small silhouettes of Mickey Mouse outside of my house. Here's the repost and an update is in the works.

To start off with, I now reside in a completely different State after leaving my job with the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. I used to be what one other Redditor described as a "suit," I am one of the guys that walks around the park in plain sight yet hidden to the public. I am part of the elite group of black polo-sporting undercover security officers that specialize in worse things than shoplifters and unruly park guests. You see, as stated prior to this post on /r/nosleep, if you are at Disney World and you more than a few guys in one place wearing black polos then you are most likely in danger and you should leave the area immediately. The sad part is we are so good at blending in with the woodwork that you wouldn't even notice us. Anyway let me cut to the chase here. I have seen some pretty weird things at Disney World during my time, these "anomalies" that everyone speaks of, well they are true but the least of our concerns. see the thing is when you take hundreds of thousands of people and cram them into a relatively small space, weird shit is going to happen. We have had kids, even adults get lost in the park, cryptozoological sightings, alien sightings, ghost sightings, and just generally unexplainable things happen all the time.

I was a Senior Special Security Officer during the height of my time there, and got called for some pretty dark shit. Many of you think we, as in the security detail I was in, were covering up for Disney Corp. but in our true nature we were damage control and were kept out of the loop on things and were trained not to question but to diffuse. There was one thing though that to this day still bothers me. A Cast Member called us on the Nextel to report that a group of four children had gone missing on The Land. Of course I thought, another one of those anomalies. For those of you who don't know the eerily calming nature ride called Living With The Land, it is located in the Land and The Sea pavilion over by Soarin' the odd thing about this report is that we have never received one of these complaints before, and of course we are issued cover up stories to tell cast members or guests to calm them down. My colleague calmly came up with a story and explained that the kids were part of an educational program and they exited the boat with a guide and were escorted into the botany lab that exists on the ride. I told her not to ask any questions or talk about the incident as to not spread "false rumors," and had my colleague escort her to a nearby security office to have her sign some forms. My human nature took over and I got curious and entered the ride on the next boat alone.

Living With The Land is boring and not particularly popular so I can understand how the kids would be on the boat alone and also how I could get on the boat by myself. I noticed absolutely nothing until I came to the part of the ride that has the prairie farmhouse, it looks like a faux house, but something about it just never sat right with me. As I have done hundreds of times before on rides, I jumped off the boat and onto the scene where the house is. I noticed something funny though, there were no pressure mats and the boat went away, allotting about a good 30 seconds before the next boat got to the scene. I have never seen a ride with no pressure mats to detect if anyone disembarks the ride.

So quick recap, kids disappear on ride, I show up and feed the Cast Member who reported it some story about how they disembarked mid ride and are on a tour of the lab and for her not to question it. Colleague of mine takes her away to debrief. I contacted the new Cast Member operating the ride and tell him to put some space between the next boat as I am looking for a lost wedding ring, bull I know but so what.

I slowly started to walk up to the faux house; climbing the steps up to the porch I noticed a small emblem on the left window. It's a small square and compass symbol, interesting that a Masonic symbol is hidden here. I figured whoever build the ride was a Freemason and brushed it off. I looked in the windows of the house and it was nothing but curtains with black plywood behind them. I thought that there was nothing to see here, but still something inside me decided that wasn't good enough. The front door glided open to a bright room with a black and white checkerboard floor. There was a marble alter like table on the opposite end of the room with some kind of Weird throne like chair built into the front of it and a gold cup on the table top. The only other thing that was noticeable was a heavy wooden door on the other end of the room that was locked; there were no windows or anything else. I thought I was weird because I was always under the impression that this house was fake. Human nature took over again and against my better judgment I tried the door in the room, but I was relieved that it was locked. I tried my keys but none of them work. Here's the thing, at Disney we use a lock system called Best, this had interchangeable cores that have assigned numbers and/or letters. This is so we can issue keys only to certain areas. I have the General Master key, which essentially is the real key to the kingdom. Interesting thing about this lock was that my master didn't open it. I looked closer and it was a Best Lock, but the inscription said “C.C.” on it, which I've never seen before. Since the door wasn't open I decided to just to leave. On my way out I noticed in the floor there was a fast pass printed out for Soarin'. I picked it up and pocketed it; it's amazing how trash works its way into odd places. I'm going to figure out where these kids went.

I rode the boat back out to the platform and went back to the EPCOT security office to playback some footage from the DVR. It took me a while, but I zeroed in on the period where the kids entered the Land and Sea Pavilion, and followed them. There were four kids total, 3 girls and one boy. The girl’s actions were almost robotic, and it sent a chill up my spine. They walked in a straight line through the pavilion, but what scared me was there was man with them escorting them through the place. I paused and looked closer when I realized the man was wearing a black polo and kakis, the same thing I was wearing. Holy shit, I even recognized him, it was one of my colleagues.

Allen is the guy that was at the scene before I got there, the same guy who fed the Cast Member at the control podium the bullshit about the kids going on a tour. I thought maybe he did actually send them on the tour of the Botanic lab and lost track of them, until I hit play on the film. The boy was not walking in line and I could tell he was giving Allen problems, he keeps venturing away and getting distracted various things in the Pavilion. The benefit of the doubt I gave Allen subsided when I say the kid go press the button for the Fast Pass on Soarin’ and take the paper Fast Pass almost like a prize. Allen then tugged him away and stood back and observed as the kids walked to Living With The Land. I saw them get on the boat. I saw them through the storm scene, through the rain forest scene, then through the desert scene. After the desert I lost the boat on camera. The ride stopped momentarily, you could see it on the other scenes, and once it resumes I saw the boat again in the scene with the pictures of farmers. The boat was empty. I also saw freakin’ Allen looking down off of the observation deck… which explains how he responded so quickly. I switched the cameras back to live view and left that area. I haven’t been exactly honest with you thus far, I know a lot of things of what Disney does and things that we respond to that a regular security officer wouldn’t deal with. I have seen them experiment so many things such as eugenics, pharmaceutical engineering, even experimenting with gas. Have you ever noticed that on both Space Ship Earth and the Monorail that you get a strange calm feeling on those rides? Well they are pumping low doses of laughing gas in those areas. Ever heard of Room 0? They were wearing gas masks for a reason. Ever hear of Gascots? Well that’s not important right now, I would encourage you to research it. I never thought that what we did was okay by containing these dark secrets, but it paid well. I have seen them quickly inject some experimental drug on guests and throws them back out there, our job was to monitor and contain them if things went haywire. I know that I am the bad guy, but this wasn’t normal, this wasn’t procedural.

First thing I did was go over to the room where we keep the keys; I looked through the logbooks for the core labeled “C.C.” I found it but it had no zone or specific location issued to the core and the number of copies was marked as 1. This key was in our system but my Master Key didn’t open it. I grabbed the “Core Key” and a few Zone 1 Cores, The Core Key is a specific key that when inserted into the lock will remove the core so it can be replaced with another. I put this in my pocket and make a beeline for the Land and Sea Pavilion. I may be paranoid but I swear I saw Allen following me in the shadows.

I got to the ride and got to the house and back in the front door to the Masonic Room, and locked the front door as I entered. I inserted the Core Key into the lock on the wooden door, removed the core, and inserted the Zone 1 core into the lock. Now my Master Key will open the door, and boy did it. The door glided open, it was heavy and steel on the other side of the wood face. There was a velvet red carpeted staircase leading down to some kind of utilidor, but we are in EPCOT, what the hell. There is one small utilidor in EPCOT, but it doesn’t go this deep. I descended the stairs and walked down the red-carpeted hallway to these two double doors. Behind these doors was my answer and the truth as to what happened to these kids. Through these doors was the darkest side of Disney, a side of Disney that even I couldn’t believe. Would Walt be in favor of this? Or is this one of Eisner’s little idea of making more money off his guests.

Behind these doors was an empty dimly lit room with a small circular platform in the center. The carpet was the same lush red velvet carpet from the hallway. There were 6 leather armchairs around the circular platform, all with telephones and card readers on the table next to the chair. Inside I knew what was going on, I knew what was happening here. This is one thing I will not cover up for the Disney Corp. I stood there in disbelief and horror and noticed a small door towards the back of the room. I went over and popped out the “C.C.” core, put it in my pocket, and put in a Zone 1 Core. I heard someone clear their throat from the front of the room. It was Allen, he had an annoyed look on his face and held a gun trained at me. I slowly propped the door open on the latch and turned to face him.
“You never should have come here.” He said to me when he was stepping towards me.
“So this is what you and your scumbag friends resorted to? We did some pretty fucked up shit Allen, but this is a new low for you and your disgusting friends.” I had my hand at my side and blocked the view of me slipping the Zone 1 Core out of the handle, and into my pocket.

“It’s not going to matter because no one is going to find out.” He raised the gun and like something out of an action movie I ripped the door open as he pulled the trigger as a bullet hit the door. I jumped backwards through the doorway and shut it behind me. That asshole was stuck because I had both cores in my pocket so there was no way he could open the door. He started shooting the door, and I moved forward. I walked down a hallway with these small cell-like rooms lining the hall and inside were those playschool chairs and a few toys. I checked every one of them and they were all empty. I got to the end of the hall and there was this huge metal vault like door, I popped the last Zone 1 core into the door to replace the “C.C.” core and pulled the steel door open to be hit in the face with sunlight. I was outside on some side utility road off premises of EPCOT. The road led away, I was too late they were already gone for good.

I called the police but they never came, I called the FBI but they never took me seriously, hell I even called the CIA but they said they didn’t deal with domestic issues like that and referred me back to the FBI. I showed up at the Orange County police department HQ and they took a report but I heard something fall in the trash when I was leaving. Disney is good at what they do, they are good at keeping secrets, and they are good at controlling any outside force that attempts to bring their secrets to light. I am lucky I saw the sunlight again, and am lucky to have had time to leave the State before they got to me. If you go there, please keep your kids close. Watch out for the guys in the black polos. They may be monitoring you, they may be responding to something that will put you in danger. As far as I know, they aren’t the ones that pick out the merchandise… I don’t even know who does that.

Pictures of the house I've found on the web (I did not take these pictures)-

The second story of the house is seemingly normal, but I don't know how they access it. You'll also notice that there is an observation deck; this area was undergoing "maintenance" at the time. It was closed off to guests, but CCTV footage revealed nothing was happening in that area. The camera points back onto the observation area and not at the house, there are no cameras in that portion of the ride.

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John McCain - the OTHER SIDE of the story


This is John McCain's home in Arizona. Not bad for a man who worked in the military, left the military, and then ran for Congress. He has been in Congress since 1983...for 34 years.

 The couples' former home going on the auction block

McCain graduated 894th in his class of 899 students from the Naval Academy. He was known for being wild and it usually revolved around women. He was a member of a group of students who called themselves "The Bad Bunch".

He married Carol Shepp who was a successful swimsuit model. She had been married to one of his classmates and had two children from her first marriage. She and McCain became parents of a daughter one year later. He had been quite a playboy and was already becoming bored with the domesticated life. He requested active duty in Vietnam. While he was there, Carol faithfully stayed at home looking after the children and waiting anxiously for news about her husband. His plane was shot down in 1967 and he became a POW.

On Christmas Eve 1969, Carol and the children were spending the holiday with her parents. After dinner she was going to take gifts to some friends. The road was icy and she slid head-on into a telephone pole. She was thrown from the car through the front window. Her legs, spine, and right arm were crushed and she was in the hospital for 6 months. Ross Perot was an advocate of POW's and he paid her medical bills. She requested that John not be told because she felt he already had enough to deal with.

McCain was released in 1973 and returned home to much fanfare. Carol had several surgeries, lost 5 inches in height, and gained some weight.  McCain told reporters he was overjoyed to see Carol again. But friends say privately he was ‘appalled’ by the change in her appearance.

As a 'war hero' (?!), McCain was moving in ever-more elevated circles. "He started carousing and running around with women", reported Robert Timberg. 

Bob Timberg was a retired Marine, an American journalist, writer, and author of four books, including THE NIGHTINGALE'S SONG and JOHN MCCAIN: AN AMERICAN ODYSSEY.


McCain admitted he started having many girlfriends and

affairs during this time. On one trip to Hawaii he met an Anheuser Busch distributer heiress, Cindy Hensley, at a cocktail party. She was 17 years younger than McCain and worth $100 million dollars. He invited her to have drinks with him at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. He said by the end of the evening he was in love.

They had an affair for nine months while he was still married to and living with his wife Carol. McCain wanted to marry Cindy but needed first to get a divorce. He and Carol separated in January 1980. He requested a divorce in February, the divorce was sped along and granted in April. He and Cindy married 5 weeks after the divorce was final on May 17, 1980. Carol and their children were devastated. McCain callously left his first wife and children behind. He and Cindy moved to Arizona. Cindy's father was well-connected and helped McCain move smoothly into Congress representing Arizona in Washington DC.

McCain's new wife and her family were extravagantly wealthy. Her father was one of the largest distributors of Anheuser Busch in the country and she was an only child. The divorce settlement afforded Carol McCain full custody of their three children, alimony, child support, including college tuition, houses in Virginia and Florida, and lifelong financial support for her continuing medical treatment from the car accident.

Carol said the reason for the divorce was John turned 40 and he wanted to be 25 again. Carol was extremely hurt. She went to work as the press assistant for soon-to-be First Lady Nancy Reagan. She became loved and respected in Washington. She kept a dignified silence about the horrendous way McCain had treated her.

Some of the McCain friends were less forgiving, however. They portray the politician as a self-centered womanizer who effectively abandoned his crippled wife to ‘play the field’. They accuse him of finally settling on Cindy, a former rodeo beauty queen, for financial reasons.

Despite his popularity as a politician, there are those who have not forgotten his treatment of his first wife, Carol. Ted Sampley, who fought with US Special Forces in Vietnam is now a leading campaigner for veterans’ rights.

Ted said, "I have been following John McCain’s career for nearly 20 years. I know him personally. There is something wrong with this guy and let me tell you what it is... deceit.

"When he came home and saw that Carol was not the beauty he left behind, he started running around on her almost right away. Everybody around him knew it. Eventually he met Cindy and she was young, beautiful, and very wealthy. McCain just dumped Carol for something he thought was better.

Ross Perot, who paid her medical bills all those years ago, now believes that both Carol McCain and the American people have been taken in by a man who is unusually slick and cruel, even by the standards of modern politics.

Mr. Perot said, "McCain is the classic opportunist. He’s always reaching for attention and glory.

"This is a guy who makes such a big deal about his character. Yet he has no character. He is a fake."

After he came home, Carol walked with a limp. So he threw her over for a poster girl with big money from Arizona. And the rest is history.

A man who cannot be faithful to a loving, self-sacrificing wife cannot be trusted to be faithful to the American people.

Cindy has also had to learn the lessons about her husband the hard way. Even though she and McCain put on a perfect front for the public, especially when he is running for office, she really is an invisible wife to him.

Tom Gosinski, who served as director of Cindy McCain’s nonprofit American Voluntary Medical Team (AVMT) wrote in his journal about the McCain marriage:

"During my short tenure at AVMT I have been surrounded by what on the surface appears to be the ultimate all-American family. In reality, I am working for a very sad, lonely woman. Her marriage of convenience to a U.S. Senator has driven her to distance herself from friends, cover feelings of despair with drugs, and replace lonely moments with self-indulgences. She became addicted to Percocet and had a doctor prescribing them for her illegally. When her parents learned she was taking them, they helped her stop.

Washington rumors were saying McCain had an inappropriate relationship with the young and lovely lobbyist, Vicki Iseman. Ms. Iseman began visiting McCain's offices and campaign events so frequently in 2000 that his aides were "convinced the relationship had become romantic". One staff member supposedly asked, "Why is she always around?" His staff members began a campaign to "save McCain from himself" by restricting Iseman's access to McCain during the course of the 2000 presidential primary. According to the Washington Post, McCain's political advisor John Weaver met with Iseman at Washington's Union Station to tell Iseman not to see McCain anymore.

It is not a real marriage between John and Cindy McCain. Real marriages usually involve living together. McCain and Cindy have not "lived" together for 20 years. To defend this, McCain brags the family takes two vacations together every year and Ms. McCain is the one who has always made that happen."

Two vacations per year...What a farce and fake!! Nothing about this man is real. He has no compassion or empathy for anyone except himself. The only real thing emotion he is capable of is anger. He is famous for his anger.

His father and grandfather were both decorated Navy Admirals. He was given special privileges and extreme preferential treatment while he served in the Navy. He was a pilot but according to his colleagues he was a very bad pilot. He actually crashed three planes. There was a horrendous incident that happened on his aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Forrestal, that killed 134 men. There has been a debate since the incident with some being convinced John McCain was responsible for this accident. Others are angry about anyone who would dare speak against a Naval officer and embarrass an entire branch of service.

Many witnesses have reported that McCain was guilty of a "wet start". When a pilot wants to be a show off, with a "wet start" his engine start creates a large startling flame and lots of surprise noise from the rear of a jet engine on start up. McCain did the "Wet Start". It was not an accident. The flames from the wet start torched off the launching of a powerful Zuni rocket on the plane behind him. The Zuni rockets were famous for having electrical problems. It shot across the carrier’s deck hitting other parked planes that were packing 1,000 high-explosive pound bombs. This caused the bombs to explode. The subsequent massive explosions, fire and destruction went several decks below and nearly sunk this major 82,000 ton U.S. aircraft carrier.

This stunt and aftermath caused the death of 134 sailors and blew off arms, legs, and caused blindness and burns to another 161 sailors. McCain jumped from his plane, rolled across the flames, and escaped. He watched the men dying and the burning from a closed circuit television on the ship. Sadly all of those lives were lost.

They had to take the ship off the battle line for 2 years when it had to be taken back to port for $76 million dollars of extensive repairs. That does not include the cost of replacing the airplanes or ammunition.

Other Navy pilots causing this type of death and destruction would have been arrested and would probably still be in prison. Why didn't this happened to John McCain?

McCain's grandfather was a famous FOUR STAR Navy admiral and his dad, at the time of the incident, was also a powerful illustrious FOUR STAR Navy admiral. McCain had graduated from the Naval Academy. Witnesses say the good ole boy Navy tradition went into high gear immediately. McCain was not even reprimanded. When there is a cover-up, the soldier is usually simply assigned to another ship. McCain was quietly assigned to another ship. There is an ongoing debate about the incident to this day.

John McCain's lack of character was further demonstrated when he voted not to repeal Obamacare. He had run his 2016 Senatorial race under the banner he would LEAD the fight to repeal Obamacare. He hates Donald Trump so very much he gleefully held his thumb down for his vote rather than a thumbs up. He laughed afterwards and said, "Let's see Donald Trump save America now!"

What a horrible man. He stabbed his constituents and the citizens of America in the back. Liberal socialists now call him their hero.

McCain has recently discovered he has a brain tumor. I am genuinely sorry for anyone who has to face a health issue especially when it involves cancer. Thankfully for him the doctors have said it is curable. The fact that he now has a brain tumor does not change the horrendous things he has done in his life because of his extremely low flawed character.

If Senator McCain's own health care was dependent on the Obamacare he has continued to saddle the American people with, I guarantee he would not have voted thumbs-down.

But because he married a wealthy heiress and has plenty of money to take care of his own health needs, he does not care.